Fast and Affordable Money Transfer from Mobile

It has never been easier to send money, receive payments and do many other transactions from anywhere in the world!


Send money to nearly 200 countries at the the most affordable prices

with kuikpara


Turn your phone into a wallet and transfer money quickly and easily!

  • You can transfer money quickly and easily to nearly 200 countries

  • Transfer your incoming money to your bank account

  • You can receive your payment from our agents

  • You can deposit money to your wallet by wire transfer /EFT from all your bank accounts

  • You can load your Istanbulkart

  • You can send money to other wallets in seconds.

  • Moreover you can carry out all transactions with one application!

What can you do with kuikpara?

By loading balances from your bank accounts to your wallet, you can make your domestic and international money transfer transactions, pay your bills, benefit from special offers for kuikpara and have many more privileges!

Deposit and withdraw money from your bank accounts to your wallet.

You can deposit money to your wallet by wire transfer/EFT from all your bank accounts and withdraw your wallet balance to your account!


Transfer money quickly and easily to +185 countries

You can send money to +185 countries and 650,000 destinations in Turkey and abroad to a name or an account, transfer incoming transfers to your bank account or receive payments from our representatives.


Pay your bills in seconds

You can inquire about your invoices at contracted institutions via kuikpara and pay them within seconds.


Top Up Your Istanbulkart

With kuikpara, you can now effortlessly top up your Istanbulkart within seconds without waiting.


Join kuikpara in 4 easy steps!

Don't worry if you don't have a bank account! Create your kuikpara account in seconds, start experiencing unbanked banking right away!

Download kuikpara.

According to your device, install the application from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Create your account.

Sign up for the application with your phone number and e-mail address.

Upgrade your level.

Verify your account with your ID or passport.

Start using it!

Welcome to the advantageous world of kuikpara. Now you can make deposit/withdrawal, international-domestic money transfer and bill payment transactions!

Start using kuikpara now.

Join the advantageous world of being a member of kuikpara now!


Send money instantly to nearly 200 countries and 650,000 points!

Enjoy the privilege of making money transfers to more than 650,000 points in nearly 200 countries with kuikpara, the fast, reliable and easy way of domestic and international money transfer!

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Coming soon kuikparaall over the world!

Our services

As kuikpara, we offer fast, easy and convenient solutions for your money transfer, deposit and withdrawal, and bill payment transactions.

International Money Transfer to Name
Domestic Money Transfer to Name
Money Transfer to a Foreign Bank Account
Money Transfer to Domestic Bank Account
Money Transfer to Credit Card
Money Transfer to kuikpara
Deposit money to Bank
Withdrawal money from Bank
Getting Payment
Paying bills
Istanbulkart top up
Sending Money to Wallets

User Stories

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Start using kuikpara right now.

You can open your free account in a few easy steps and start using it right away, you can deposit and withdraw money, transfer money and pay bills!

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